Are Smartphones Making Us Lazy?

With technology becoming more advanced everyday, smartphones are amazing tools that can make our lives much easier. But do we ever take advantage of these luxuries? Are they making us all lazy? With nearly everything you could imagine right at your fingertips, this technology might have some hidden dangers.

Access To Information

Since nearly everyone nowadays has a smartphone, we all have instant access to an amazing amount of information. This ability is very beneficial and can help out in a lot of different scenarios. However, some people tend to abuse this ability and use it out of pure laziness.

Rather than thinking critically about a problem or trying to learn something on their own, people find it much easier to whip out there phone and search it. Not only can it be hard for some to want to think critically on their own, some people even get discouraged about having to type in a question. Now, you can simply ask your phone out loud and it will respond with the answer.


Texting is one of the most popular features of the mobile phone. It allows for much easier conversation and can be done in more places. Although nearly everyone loves texting, there are some instances when it is used out of pure laziness.

It used to be that when your friend came to pick you up, they would come knock on the door. Nowadays, people are so lazy they text one single word, “Here” and wait for you in their car. This even happens on dates, and most people are so used to it that they don’t even think about how much times have changed.


It was only 15 years ago that when people wanted something fun to do, they would go out and interact with others and find fun ways to occupy their time. Today, people can be entertained for hours at a time while sitting on their couch with their smartphone.

With thousands of different entertainment apps, smartphones can keep most people occupied. It even can be hard for some to image what people did for fun before this technology was available.

Food Delivery

On a lazy Saturday night, it is quite common for people to order a pizza or Chinese food. Every now and then it is normal to have food delivered to your house. Today, thanks to technology, we have many different apps built just for ordering food. There are some people that do this on a daily basis. Instead of going out to a restaurant and interacting with others, people are staying home in their pajamas and ordering in.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is huge and has only increased with smartphones. People are encouraged to download apps like Amazon because it is so easy to purchase something directly from your phone. Within just a couple taps of your fingers, you can have anything from paper towels to a new computer sent directly to your house.

Due to the popularity of online shopping, grocery stores have even started allowing you to order your items online while you pull up to the store so that they can load your car for you. Now you don’t even have to go into the grocery store.

Make A Change

Although smartphones and new technology do a lot to help us, it is important to be aware when we are taking it too far. By abusing these services, we can become lazier, which will have a lasting impact on our lives and the lives around us. The best thing for all of us to do is to notice when we are abusing technology and when it is time for us to do something on our own.

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